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Vintage Bars

Well what else would a builder and Bar Owner do in lockdown? Play at upcycling and jazzing up vintage bar units and even old (unworking) pianos into home bars - yay!

Well home entertaining doesn't show signs of slowing down - and this is a really affordable way to have a little bar at home.

Plus the reason these types of units were popular in the 1930's / 40's / 50's was because not everyone approved and this meant that you had an attractive / stylish cabinet in your entertaining space and the prudes (just kidding) weren't offended by your epic selection of spirits!


Built in Bars

Modern home bar building - this entertaining space included the kitchen and the units and counter tops matched. the back splash tiles were the feature, creating warmth and a focus. The point of this creation was for the home lover to be able to use this for whatever they needed - coffee bar, trophy display for all the kids achievements, obviously cocktail bar was our raison d'etre!


Built in Working Bars

This was an actual working bar for several years in a 400 year old property - ye olde pub, moving to Air BnB. But we do know a thing or two about how a bar should work and the space / layout.

This one was built out of old Oak to match the beams - from the bar top to the shelves for the spirits, the wrap around the upward supporting beams.. it was incredibly hardworking and darned good looking too - if I do say so myself!!


Cocktail Bars

Yes I profess, I am cocktail obsessed! In a previous life I was a Flapper - yes you read that right!!

Love cocktails so much I actually opened my own little cocktail bar!!


Upcycled Piano Bars

Another lockdown creation. Old non working pianos (yes we had them checked by our piano expert neighbour!). We lugged these babies home (I don't recommend it!!) and Graeme gave them the blood sweat and tears workout. They were definitely a labour of love but they do look absolutely incredible.

A great feature - in a shop, home - coffee bar / hot chocolate bar / breakfast station / cocktail bar / actual bar....

At a wedding or event - arrival drinks - a promotional area for products or leaflets.


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