Upgrades, Makeovers, Modernising.

Before and after..

Sometimes all it takes is a coat of paint (or three!) to transform a space...

Or maybe you want to revive and create space move doors, walls...

Before photo of porch in red brick
After photo painted brick, grey floor tiles and exterior double door

The Perfect Pantry / Porch.

This was the external back door - into an open-ish porch area.

The original back door was removed and double doors were added into the porch space (right hand side of the photo).

Then there was an option to remove the dining room windows (these were external) but now enclosed the interior space... so the client jumped at removing them and creating an open feel which opened up the pantry space and dining room more that I though was possible! I had a few aha.. moments with this project.. and it worked out even better than we could have imagined!

The Perfect Pantry / Porch.

Well I have to let you know that painting external bricks that haven't been painted before is ugghhhhh - but boy does it look good after a (quite a ) few coats!

It does make it look more interior and cleaner and suitable for storing pantry items or even gardening tools.

This project also included a raised floor, tiles on the floor and the (previously external) window being removed etc. oh and external double doors being added! Not a small addition but it really helped the kitchen dining areas flow into the outdoors.. I'm imagining cocktails, a BBQ, dancing in the moonlight to some party tunes!!!!

Bland balcony before photo
painted brick , floor tiles cleaned, complete refresh

A Bland Balcony

This balcony had a single glazed window previously.

The original project was to freshen it up and my secret weapon (within budget) was to paint the walls and make it more "interior" looking and clean and fresh.

A Babe of a Balcony

Sooooo... this is how it turned out ... it was definitely a lot more friendly, we thought this was a nice space for morning coffee, maybe a little home office. Throw down a couple of rugs, add your favourite books collection to the shelves (whatever you want your fellow Zoom contacts to see).

The window actually adds the portrait,, cute garden, lots of greenery and the best afternoon sun and evening sunsets....

Before photo with double doors and step onto balcony
After step removed, floor levelled, painted throughout, new carpet

Old doors.. new openings..

This space was already lovely and we completed the original brief.. but sometimes the client gets bold (me in the hairdressers!!) and it was a huge decision - modernise and open up the space and really let in the light. So out came the interior double doors, a new double glazed window went in on the balcony. And of course there was the step to chop out too!!

..and welcome in the light.

And once this had all happened.. the carpet was fitted and.... wow!!!

The light was simply fabulous! Then there was the early evening sun to welcome you home... radiant light pouring in. Pure magic.

Old dining room before. Door bricked up.
Home entertaining bar space fitted on end wall
Home entertaining bar space staged to show how it could be used

The Dining Room

30 years ago when this little beauty of a home was built, dining rooms were generally a separate room.

So if you read about the balcony doors above, you'll know when the Client realised that she had a gem of a builder (I'm biased), but your builder probably has way more skills and experience than you imagine.

Old space, new needs.

So the long and short of it was.. the wall between the kitchen and dining room (adjacent) was knocked through. Hugely modernising but losing a potential bedroom - not ideal for increasing value in case of rental or sale.

So our idea was to create an Entertainment Space - the current UK climate is home entertaining. This could look like a Home Bar, (personally I love cocktails) Coffee Bar, Dining crockery and glassware display.. ok so I'm of a generation where pretty plates were collected for dinner parties.. I know it's a huge trend that's coming .. but when??!!

Home Entertaining Space

I do like to styling spaces, its fun!

But the reality is that this fridge isn't just for wine, and the worktop would look just as good with my juicer and blender on top and a big bowl of fresh fruits. The shelves can display your prettiest coffee cups and the counter is perfect for the coffee machine of your dreams, the racks can hold your favourite bottled water... or you can put pretty glassware, artwork.. anything you love

The courtyard garden in the tidying process
The courtyard garden with the rest of the fence panels painted
The courtyard garden after some simple planting

Le Jardan

The great thing about this garden was that it was next to the entertaining spaces.. and the outdoor space had the overhang gazebo. It's definitely party space in the making.

Pretty Green

So honesty is always my best policy!!

The Client loved the seafoam colour on the fence panels.. however, they weren't as recently painted as I thought.. . Short story is that they are quite a different err shade.

But the Client loved it! Who knew.. obviously we created different zones in the garden!!

Keep it Simple

So Garden design is fun but I don't have much experience or knowledge on planting. However it was a quick project and mostly tidying up and keeping it simple and low maintenance for the end owner.

However I do love plants - especially hydrangeas and these have a whole lotta love!

The kitchen after a long rental. Looked after but not ok to re-rent
The kitchen after a complete modernisation and new floor tiles throughout
The kitchen after brand new beautiful worktops fitted. Modern and refreshed.

La Cuisine

Phase 1 was clean, paint and new worktop. But when we got a beautiful square edged worktop at a great price - the kitchen moved up to the Next Level!

Phase 2

So the units came out so that the floor could be tiled throughout the whole kitchen, dining, pantry - entertaining space, really creating a flow through these areas.

The sexiest Kitchen

Clean, crisp, fresh, bright, stylish.


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