Lovely to meet you,

let us introduce ourselves; we are Claire & Graeme and amongst other things we are a designer and a builder.

We met on a project refurbishing a 17th Century public house in Norfolk (England) and we have been repairing, refurbishing, upcycling and reviving things ever since!

I'm Claire

Founder of Butterflies and Hurricanes Homes

I love room makeovers and choosing paint colours but the best bit is at then end of the project when it all comes together. The furniture, soft furnishings, pictures, books, quirky little accessories and unusual vintage finds.

Actually that said - the part where the comments are such - "oh wow - I didn't think that paint colour would work but... wow, I love it!!" also not too shabby!!

My first big result was after I watched a Kirstie Allsopp programme (love her & Phil) and she talked about curb appeal (on a home) and I reviewed and reworked the front of my family home that was dragging it's feet on getting sold. And all of a sudden there were offers - call it what you like but it worked and they bought our (very lovely) family home - just like that!!

Photo of me, Claire funder of Butterflies and Hurricanes Homes

Do I have Skills or Quals?

Yes to both - but it's all actually in my DNA!!!

I can see how I think a room should look - from empty and usually even before refurb work. Funny when you realise that not everyone can see this vision. Maybe a bit like me not getting the point or the hang of fractions for a looooong time!!

In case you're interested; my Previous Jobs are an eclectic mix of industries but I've learned essential business skills from every opportunity:

Publican, Mixologist, Director of an Engineering company, Fashion Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Interior Advisor, Assistant Buyer, Personal Shopper... lots more and absolutely every job has added to my work ethic.

I also have another business creating Digital Products - Digital Planners, Digital Workbooks, Digital Wall Art, it's definitely a passion project and it's all super positive and about trying to get closer to that work-life balance and more self love and kindness. One Life - might as well make it epic!!

I'm Graeme

All round super Builder with 20+ years experience

I love fixing things, I love making people smile, I love reading books!

Do I have Skills or Quals?

Yes to both - So many skills from the experience of working on builds.

"Your home is a reflection of YOU,

you get to live in the very best version of YOU

How cool is that!!!"

- Butterflies and Hurricanes Homes

So why work with us???

We've worked together for several years now on several properties and projects from:

400 year old Grade II Listed old Coaching Inn
1970's bijou Villa is an ongoing project (and home)

30 year old Super fun modernisation project knocking through to create open living dining space that totally transformed the property and it rented before it was even finished and for a large uplift in rent too, due to the all the new amenities.

10 year old Modern Minimalist Open Plan Villa with incredible views up in the hills of Nice, South of France.

Fun Facts about us..

Cocktail order:

Claire: Two mojitos made from scratch with lots of mint! One just doesn't last long enough!!

Graeme: Espresso Martini and a Baileys over ice.

The next big fashion we want to embrace:

Claire: Hats - not just caps but beautiful vintage hats, berets, bowler hats .

Graeme: Smart jackets, flat caps and shoes, a relaxed yet smart look.

Usually listening to:

Claire: Podcasts about business & self improvement

Graeme: Nope, reading a book

Our happy song:

Claire: I Ain't Worried - OneRepublic

Graeme: Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

If you were an ice cream flavour:

Claire: Lemon meringue pie!
Graeme: Tutti Fruitti

Favourite Movie quote: 

You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.

Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery.

And I promise you, something great will come of it.

- Benjamin Mee, We Bought a Zoo

"A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Butterflies and Hurricanes Homes


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